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[journal] gedachtnis
[age] 25
[previous characters] None.
[character journal] halftonesaviour

[series] D.Gray-man
[full name] Allen Walker
[age] Presumably 16, being aged up to 18.
Allen's age in canon is a point of confusion. His first family met him in a traveling circus, who in turn found him on the side of the road as an infant. The end result is that no one really knows how old Allen is or when he was born, although they approximate his age as around 15-16. Allen himself often acts much older than that due to his traumatic childhood and streetwise upbringing, making the matter even more blurred.
[gender] Male.
[canon point] Between chapters 204 and 205 of the manga.
[reference] The Wikipedia entry covers much of his personality and history very well.

Nothing is as it seems to be at first sight. This single line speaks volumes about Allen, whose surface personality and actual character only intersect in a small number of places. Just like there are always shadows in the sunlight, his sunny disposition is marked by numerous scars that run much deeper than the ones on his face and body. Even Allen himself doubtfully realizes how broken he is, and understanding that is the first step to understanding him.

When it comes to the way he is perceived by others, Allen initially comes off as someone very polite and friendly, but strangely guarded. Although the first to extend a hand of help to anyone who seems to be in trouble, he never seems to let other people close. All personal conversations with him are often met by an invisible wall. Allen is slow to reveal his past and personal demons to others, and he's even slower to accept their help. He would rather distract people from difficult conversations by making them laugh. It's a seemingly good desire that Allen is good at executing due to his past as a clown, but one that quickly turns eerie once one realizes that Allen himself can easily laugh at the strangest and most disturbing things. Nothing seems to scare or unsettle him anymore, a testament to how many things he's been through.

The problem here is that only parts of Allen's personality are entirely his own. Having lost someone very precious to him at a young age, Allen has substituted entire parts of his behavior with that person's in order to cope. Although his original personality - that of a foul-mouthed and hot-tempered brat - still remains, much of it only shines through when he cannot control himself anymore. He grows increasingly sharp-tongued and prideful as he is angered or irritated, only to slip back into his usual friendly exterior once snapped out of it. One would think that there is a border between these two personality, but the biggest problem is that this border collapsed before it could be established. Having been traumatized far too early in his life, Allen has simply put together an identity from the scattered pieces he found inside his head, and he's been living with the result ever since.

The one unquestionable thing is that Allen is an incredibly kind and compassionate person. He desires to help anyone and everyone he meets, be they people, cats and other animals, or even Demons. Once Allen realizes that someone is in trouble, he becomes somewhat like a leech. He refuses to leave people behind and would never let someone succumb to despair because of their troubles. Despair, sadness and pain are humankind's worst enemy in Allen's eyes, and he'll do anything in his power to fight them.

Anything isn't much of an exaggeration, either. Although Allen would never hurt anyone, he can be very sneaky and underhanded in how he approaches the obstacles set in front of him. A cheater and prankster by nature, he'll readily respond to being downed by throwing sand into his opponent's eyes and kicking them in the ankles until they've fallen to his level. Rather than focusing on what's fair and honorable, Allen prefers to think about what works. Does it give him a chance to help someone and not hurt anyone but himself in the process? As long as the answer is "yes", Allen is going to do it in a heartbeat. He takes more pride in succeeding than in keeping himself clean, an approach that makes him more reliable and way too good at making enemies.

In addition to being stubborn, Allen is really protective of his freedom--a trait he may have inherited from his mentor and foster father, Cross Marian. He scoffs at authority and dislikes being ordered around unless it's coming from someone he likes or goes along with his wishes. His mind is strong enough to support that desire. On one occasion in the manga, Allen manages to resist mind control via sheer force of will. He forces the 14th Noah inside of him to go silent by bashing his head on the floor in another. Protecting his freedom as an individual is very important to Allen and he's willing to go all out for the sake of it.

Overall, Allen is a difficult sort of person. Although his mind and body are marred by numerous scars, his kindness and desire to protect and save everyone around him make him almost come off as a genuinely heroic person. As far as Allen is concerned, "hero" is only something he aspires to become. Until he reaches that point, all he can do is walk forward with all his might and never stop. The path in front of him may not be one he understands yet, but it's the one he chose and he's going to push onward even if it means going through a sea of thorns.

After a lot of consideration, I would label Allen as heterosexual. Although he has a lot of friends of both genders in the manga, he shows particular attention to women. Not only does he comment on his best friend's appearance on more than one occasion (he describes her as cute), the side materials have him admit that he intentionally loses competitions when playing against women and is interested in finding a girlfriend once the war is over. On the other hand, the only interests he shows toward men are ones of friendship and comradeship.

It might be that, raised in a fictional Victorian England, Allen is simply too conservative and had never given the idea of being attracted to his own gender enough thought. For all intents and purposes, though, he is portrayed as heterosexual within the story itself.

Allen is a rather tall boy for his age; given his height of 5'6" at the age of 15, it's quite possible that he'll reach 5'10" or even 6 feet of height by the time he's in his late teens. He is rather handsome, with smooth features, large grayish-blue eyes and silver hair (the color being the result of a psychological trauma he sustained in his childhood). Although his muscular build reveals his extensive training, there is still something sickly about his appearance. One of his comrades comments on it by nicknaming him "beansprout", a Japanese term reserved for tale and pale-skinned boys who look like they don't eat enough. In reality, his parasitic weapon drains a lot of energy from his body and makes it requires much more nourishment than a normal human body would.

His body is marred with numerous scars received both in battle and under other circumstances. As far as Allen is concerned, his left arm is the first such scar. Its skin is strangely smooth and colored a rich bloody red, with disjointed fingers one would expect from a puppet. Originally seen by Allen as a deformity he was born with, it is revealed before the series that it's a powerful weapon designed to destroy and exorcise Demons - monstrous machines powered by human souls and born out of despair. Although Allen has grown to be proud of his arm and its purpose, he still realizes that it's eerie to look at and will hide it whenever possible.

There are two actual scars on his body that were sustained through injury. The first one is on his face. Shaped like a jagged lightning bolt, it trails up his cheek and culminates in a large scarlet pentacle on his forehead. A smaller scar passes right underneath his eye, forming a cross-like appearance. The other scar was sustained when Allen attempted to fend off a powerful Demon by impaling both of them during a battle. It begins on his right shoulder and trails down his body, with most of his chest and back being covered by scar tissue on the right side.

[wish] To save everyone.
[requested house] I've no preference, so file him into whichever house would be fitting for his skills and appearance.
[misc notes]
Allen has a number of supernatural abilities, but all of them are already covered in the reference link I provided to you. If that isn't enough, there is a more expansive description of them on the fan-made wiki. I would rather not repeat what other people have already described better than I would.

On that note, I do have a small request. In canon, Allen has a supernatural pet in the form of Timcanpy - a golden winged golem that follows him everywhere. Timcanpy can change size and contains a powerful magic weapon deep inside itself, but is otherwise just an adorable pet that Allen is deeply attached to. I would appreciate if you'd let him keep it.

[sample 1#]
Ah... hello?

[ A single gloved finger taps on the screen several times in what looks like an attempt to see if it works. As it moves away from the screen, a young smiling face framed by short silver hair takes its place. ]

I'm sorry if I'm using this gadget wrong. Back where I come from, we don't have anything like this! My name is Allen Walker and I've around... I think it might be yesterday, but it could be longer.

[ He laughs for a moment, a bright and slightly awkward laughter of someone not sure what he should be saying. ]

In any case, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing here... I think I took a wrong turn somewhere on the road, but I'm pretty sure taking a wrong turn in England doesn't end with you being in Japan. Could someone please help me figure things out? The story I've been told so far... it's a bit hard to swallow overall.

[sample 2#]
He was here in order to have a wish granted.

That thought was still very hard to swallow. A wish being granted just like that? Although Allen had encountered creatures that called themselves Demons before, they were merely weapons designed by an insane man in order to cause tragedy and grief. To think that the kind of demons he's read about in religious writings existed, let alone were willing to grant wishes in exchange for something other than a soul, was a thought he still couldn't accept completely.

Even then, he couldn't help himself. When confronted with the offer of having a wish granted, he instantly mouthed off the most impossible and incredible thing he ever wanted. He never thought the person (or creature, if its powers were any indication) he ran into would actually agree to a wish like that. Back then, it sounded like a joke even to himself. But now?

Now he couldn't help but wonder if he could actually achieve such an incredible thing without having to fight in that war anymore.

Was this possible? Allen wasn't sure. The very though that he could save everyone without fighting was tempting. It meant he could save not only Lenalee and Lavi and everyone in the Order, but also Tyki and Road and everyone else he would have to fight on his road to defeating the Earl. The thought seemed almost too good to be true, but it was also enough to fill his heart with hope for the first time in a while.

The young man's grayish-blue eyes blinked as they stared up at the night sky, lit both by stars and the numerous lanterns hanging off the edges of the building. His body, much taller and sturdier than he was used to, felt incredibly light right now. His feet carried him down the street without an ounce of hesitation, as if everything about this felt perfectly right.

Even if the hope he was given just now was completely false, he still intended to move on and make a grab for it. That was the perfect approach for someone who decided to walk forward without stopping for the rest of his life.
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