Allen Walker (halftonesaviour) wrote,
Allen Walker


Character's Name: Allen Walker
Series/Fandom: D.Gray-man
Original/Alternate: Original
Age: 15 years old
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Innocence-enhanced)

A boy of 169cm in height, Allen has a slender build of a trained gymnast that displays a great deal of strength and stamina. His features are handsome, but a little feminine, with large gray eyes that almost seem blue, a straight nose and a thin face that only recently started losing its childish roundness. His short hair is trimmed so it sticks out in the back and falls in loose bangs onto his face in the front. It is a silver color one would sooner expect from an old man, not from a boy in his teens.

His most memorable feature, however, is the large scar on his face. It begins near the left side of his jaw and rises in a pattern reminiscent of a lightning bolt, with another small scar running horizontally beneath his eye. It culminates in a large pentacle on his forehead. Although it doesn't seem to hurt anymore, the clear red color of his skin makes it seem raw and eerily deep.

His left arm is artificial and thus might appear deformed to those unaware of its true nature. Although the basic shape is human, his skin is eerily sleek and colored a sinister blood-red color up to his shoulder, where it's decorated with large rings. Spike-like ornaments cover the skin around his shoulder, as if pointing out the place where the arm connects to his body.

He commonly wears formal clothes consisting of black trousers and a white shirt, with a black sleeveless vest worn over it. A red or black tie completes the ensemble. His left hand is normally hidden by a glove.

Allen is a rare kind of idealist, one for whom playing the role of a knight in shining armor comes so naturally that he barely realizes he does that. He is kind, compassionate and always seeks to help others. In fact, his eagerness to aid and protect others can be overwhelming or even shocking; in the past, Allen tried to help his enemies minutes after they attempted to kill him.

Allen is almost incapable of hurting other humans and despises the idea of sacrificing others. Even when there is no other choice, he has to be restrained to be kept from interfering and invariably feels guilty when others are sacrificed. To him, all people are endlessly important and deserve a chance in life. This undiscriminating kindness often causes problems with his friends. Although Allen readily jumps into dangerous situations for their sake, he rarely stops to consider how his frequent injuries affect his friends.

However, even an idealist like Allen understands the concept of evil. He will not forgive people who did something irredeemable in his eyes and will always make sure that they are punished for their actions. He is never cruel, but he's just and always willing to crush those who use others' misery for their gain.

When he interacts with others, Allen is polite and respectful... To a point. After all, he is still a child, one given a darker streak to his personality because of his difficult past. He is emotional and poor at hiding his feelings, no matter what they are. He laughs when he feels like it and rarely holds back his tears. Although he is open-minded and can respect different opinions, he easily loses patience when he feels like someone is acting out of line. In those situations, his inner brat reveals itself in the form of a vicious, sarcastic personality that seeks to belittle the offending party. If his dislike toward someone sticks, he tends to demonstrate it by sneaking in backhanded insults and pranks that are clearly passive-aggressive.

Despite his bratty demeanor, Allen is far from short-tempered. His harsh life rewarded him with inhuman willpower. He rarely cracks under pressure and actually restrains his emotions better when placed in dangerous situations. In such instances, he adopts a cool and confident personality that is almost impossible to read. Although he is an honest person and may explain his feelings if asked, he won't let anyone damage his poker face. The only way to make him panic is to endanger precious to him, such as his friends or ideals.

As a result of psychological trauma, Allen has developed a severe dependency on his role in the war against the Millennium Earl. He genuinely believes that he only exists to be an Exorcist, a living weapon forged to save humans and liberate souls trapped within Akuma. As a result, he cannot comprehend the concept of living a normal life. Although he's fairly well-adjusted, he sees his life as that of a soldier and needs others to sink into a more peaceful environment. He becomes increasingly uneasy in periods of downtime and finds comfort on the battlefield.

This mindset rendered him nearly incapable of romantic relationships without outside support. Although he understands the idea of romance, he has problems understanding his feelings or acting on them.

Skills and Abilities:
Allen has several useful, but rather unusual skills.

First of all, he has extensive experience as a clown. Although this may not sound like much, it proves very useful for his current job. Hours of performances tempered both his physique and mind, rewarding him with great physical and mental stamina. He can easily perform in front of crowds and wear a smile for hours. In addition, performing tricks gifted him with enhanced body balance and hand-eye coordination, making him a skilled gymnast and juggler.

His other skill is gambling. Despite his youth, Allen is a vicious poker player who can win against nearly everything alive. Sadly, his poker skills were developed in order to make money and thus rely heavily on cheating. Fortunately for Allen, his poker face is perfect and his cheating skills are too advanced for most people to catch him in action. Although he rarely gambles these days, most of his friends are painfully aware of it due to the cruel, terrifying attitude he adopts while gambling.

He has demonstrated other unusual skills, such as lock-picking, excellent night vision and great skill with handling financial papers. All of it was developed in order to avoid loan sharks sent to him by his mentor and thus should be taken with a grain of salt.

Aside of his natural skills, Allen has several superhuman abilities.

First of all, is his Crown Clown, a weapon forged from Innocence. Innocence is an extremely rare material (only 109 samples are known to exist in the world) that was designed to destroy Akuma, living weapons forged by the Millennium Earl. Most Innocence users discover their compatibility and potential later in life. Allen is an unique case because he was born with Innocence merged into his body. His entire left arm is replaced by Innocence, while the rest of his body has been altered on the cellular level in order to accommodate it.

In its passive form, Crown Clown appears as a small cross seared into Allen's left hand. Upon activation, this cross rises to the surface and alters his entire arm, transforming his skin into sleek black material that can withstand most convenient weapons. His fingers morph into five giant blades that come together to form a monstrous claw. These claws are extremely sharp and can endure incredible amounts of damage. Even when broken, they can be instantly repaired for as long as Allen has some energy left. In addition, they can create and launch small crown-shaped projectiles. These projectiles are explosive and can punch through most convenient armor.

Aside of the clawed form, Crown Clown can transform Allen's entire arm into a huge rectangular sword decorated with a cross. At first, this weapon may seem useless. It is far too heavy and crude to be used in melee combat, and the trick in its design makes it pass through most organic matter.

In reality, it has a hidden function. By passing through human bodies, the sword directly attacks all evil spirits and demonic presence inside it, exorcising and forcing them out of the body. However, those who possess dark powers by nature may be heavily altered by such attacks, forcing one to be careful with this weapon.

In both forms, Crown Clown creates a defensive mechanism in the form of a white cloak worn by Allen. A small mask is attached to the cloak, giving the boy a chance to hide his face. Although it may appear too thin for defense, this cloak can absorb and restore itself from most forms of damage. It is effectively shapeless and can turn larger or smaller by command, or even produce white ribbons that can serve as grappling hooks. This function greatly enhances Allen's already good agility.

Because Crown Clown is a parasitic weapon, it puts heavy strain onto Allen's body. He needs much more nutrition than any normal human and can easily eat several times more than his weight, especially after prolonged combat.

Normally, Exorcists with parasitic Innocence have severely shortened life spans because of this strain. It is unknown if Allen, whose body adapted itself to Innocence since birth, has the same problem.

Allen's other ability is the Evil Pentacle, a powerful curse placed on him in his childhood. Although it looks as a mere scar carved into his face, it is in fact the host for the Musician, a powerful and malicious creature that serves as the 14th member of the Noah Clan, a family who inherited the abilities of the Biblical Noah.

When the curse awakens, the boy's left pupil turns crimson and the white becomes filled with eerie black substance. A large monocle, shaped like a large gear with a lens inside of it, hovers over his eye. A smaller lens is attached to the side. Both lenses spin chaotically around his eyes in what feels like an eerie pattern.

In this form, his curse easily detects and identifies Akuma in the radius of 300 meters, and senses their general presence even further. In addition, it detects the souls imprisoned within Akuma and forces them into the human visual spectrum, making other humans capable of observing them. It is unknown if it has the same effect on other ghosts.

Although Allen has great control over his curse, it isn't perfect. The Evil Pentacle loathes Akuma and has an instinctive desire to hunt them. It sometimes activates when Allen is asleep or when a strong signature of Akuma power is nearby. During these times, it continuously scans the surrounding area for targets and traces of their presence. The process is experienced by Allen as his left eye throbbing harshly enough to cause pain and headache, and will only stop when the curse ensures that no enemies can be reached.

Aside of his cursed eye, Allen gains other abilities from this curse. He can play the piano, but he only knows one specific melody. When played or recited by him, this melody can control an ancient vessel known as the Ark. However, because the melody was planted into his mind as a child, he finds it gross and unsettling, and avoids playing it unless he has no other choice.

After recent developments in his life, Allen started seeing a distorted black silhouette standing behind him in mirrors and reflective surfaces. Although it doesn't hurt him, it appears possessive and malicious, something he finds very creepy and unsettling. For that reason, he is often tense and nervous when confronted with mirrors.

In reality, Allen has little time left in his world. The curse is designed to erase his memories and replace them with those of the original Allen Walker, the 14th member of the Noah Clan. Although Allen does his best to fight the evil influence, it is already evident that he'll be forced to confront it eventually...
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