Allen Walker (halftonesaviour) wrote,
Allen Walker


There's all this talk of school clubs...

Is there a drama club around here? Or one that has anything to do with theater and performances..? I would really like one that would let me perform somewhere. I like entertaining people, and... Somehow, I feel I'd be good at doing that.

Is there a club like that? Or maybe someone would like to make one?
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That sounds like a good idea~! I think I'd be interested in doin' that as well.

Hey, ya think we could start one together? If no one else has one already, that is.
They did say we can start our own clubs, right? We only need to find three people and approach the campus caretaker...

But would we be alright with only three people?
Yeah, they did~ An' the clubs would get bigger once we initially make one, so I wouldn't fret too much there, Beanie ♥

We just gotta advertise it an' the people will come~!
Yeah! We could stage public performances and make people interested in joining.
...wait. What did you just call me?
Did I just call you what~?
Somehow, being called that brought up a terrible sense of deja vu...

Like there's someone out there who kept using that nickname and really pisses me off.
Oh really? Who?
I... Can't remember that, actually. Strange. I know it's supposed to be someone important.

Maybe I'd recognize them if I'd meet them.


9 years ago

I know the feeling! Something just doesn't seem right without my trumpet, playing for someone. But there isn't much to do about it here...
You could always try playing somewhere in the campus!

Maybe if enough people would hear, some other musicians would gather and you'd be able to start a club.