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Allen Walker

Application - Basics

Name: Allen Walker
Series: D.Gray-man
Age: 15 years
Gender: Male
Species: Human

A boy of 169cm in height, Allen has a slender build of an experienced gymnast that displays a great deal of strength and stamina. His features are handsome, if a little feminine, with large silver-gray eyes, straight nose and a thin face that only recently began to lose its childish roundness. His short hair bears the silver color one would expect from an old man, not from a boy of fifteen years old.

His most striking feature, however, is a large scar on his face. It begins near the left side of his jaw and rises in a lightning-shaped pattern, with another small scar crossing it right beneath his eye. It culminates in a large pentacle on his forehead. Although it doesn't look like it hurts, the bright-red color of his skin makes it look like the cut was rather deep.

He normally wears formal clothes consisting of black trousers and a white shirt, with a black sleeveless vest worn over it. A red or black tie completes the ensemble. His left hand is normally concealed by a glove. This is done in order to hide the weapon that replaces his left arm. Although it looks human, it is colored a sinister dark-red color up to his shoulder, which is decorated with rings of the same color. Spike-like ornaments cover his chest and back around the shoulder, as if pointing out the area where the weapon connects to his body.

Allen is a rare kind of idealist; one for whom acting like a knight in shining armor comes so naturally, he barely realizes he does that. He is kind and compassionate, and always seeks to help others. In fact, this eagerness to aid and protect people can sometimes be overwhelming and even shocking; in the past, Allen tried to help his enemies mere minutes after they tried to kill him. He is almost incapable of hurting another human being; although he will do so if he has no other choice, he always feels guilty when others must be sacrificed. To him, all people are endlessly important and must be protected at all costs. This undiscriminating kindness often causes him problems with his friends; although Allen readily jumps into dangerous situations for their sake, he rarely stops to consider how his frequent injuries affect his friends.

When he interacts with others, Allen is polite and respectful... To a point. He's still a child, after all, and it shows. He is emotional and bad at concealing his feelings, no matter what they are. He laughs when he feels like it and never holds back his tears. Although he is respectful toward others' opinions, he is easily angered when he feels like someone is acting out of line. In those situations, he instantly adopts a vicious and sarcastic personality that aims to belittle the offending party. If his dislike toward that person sticks, he tends to show it by sneaking backhanded insults into his otherwise polite vocabulary.

Despite these traits, Allen is far from short-tempered. His harsh life rewarded him with incredible willpower. He rarely cracks under pressure; in fact, he restrains his emotions better when placed in dangerous situations. In such instances, he adopts a cool, confident personality that is almost impossible to read. Although he is an honest person and may explain his feelings if asked, that isn't enough to damage his poker face. The only way to make him panic is to endanger precious to him, such as his friends or ideals.

As a result of past trauma, Allen has developed a severe psychological dependency on his role in the war against the Millennium Earl. He believes that his destiny is to be a living weapon that protects humans and liberates souls trapped within Akuma. As a result, he can barely comprehend the concept of living a normal life. Although he's fairly well-adjusted, he values his life as that of a weapon and needs others to remind him of protecting himself. He becomes increasingly uneasy in periods of downtime and finds comfort on the battlefield.

This mindset rendered him nearly incapable of romantic relationships without outside support. Although he understands the idea of romance, he has problems understanding his feelings or acting on them.

School Uniform:
This uniform, because it already resembles original Utena uniforms. It should be noted that the cross-like badge on his chest is normally absent. It manifests itself during the duels, where it serves as his weak spot.

Duelist Weapon:
Allen's blade of heart, Clown Edge, is a graceful saber of silver color. Its black hilt sports a large guard decorated with a cross. It protects his hand from damage, but limits the flexibility of his grip. A small cord dangles from the hilt; on its tip, there is a poker card made of strange unbreakable material. Each corner of the card is decorated with a symbol of a different suit, with a strange masked clown dressed in a white cloak taking the center of it.

Personal Belongings:
- A large silver badge that resembles a cross. It signifies Allen's status as an Exorcist for the Black Order, and is very important to him. CURRENTLY MISSING.
- Timcanpy, a golden golem created by Allen's teacher, Cross Marian. Although it isn't alive, Timcanpy has high intelligence and a personality. It normally spends its time with Allen and serves as his pet. It likes food, smoking cigarettes, Allen and cute girls. CURRENTLY MISSING.

Skills and Abilities:
Allen has several useful, even if somewhat unusual, skills.

First of all, he is a clown by trade. Although that may not sound like much, it proves useful for his current job. Hours of performances tempered both his physique and mind, rewarding him with great physical and mental stamina. He is good at performing in front of crowds and can easily wear a smile for hours. In addition, performing various tricks gifted him with enhanced body balance and hand-eye coordination, making him a skilled gymnast and juggler.

His second skill is gambling. Despite his youth, Allen is a vicious poker player who can win against nearly everything alive. Sadly, his poker skills were developed as a method of making money and thus rely heavily on cheating. Fortunately for Allen, his poker face is perfect and his cheating skills are too advanced for most people to be capable of catching him in action. Although this skill is rarely used, most of Allen's friends are painfully aware of it due to the cruel, terrifying attitude he adopts while gambling.

Allen can play the piano, but he knows only one specific melody. This melody, when played by him, can control an ancient vessel known as the Ark. Because the melody was planted into his mind as a child, as opposed to being learned, he finds it gross and unsettling, and avoids playing it unless he has no other choice.

Aside of his natural skills, Allen has two abilities that rely on his unique physical structure.

- The first one is the Evil Pentacle, a powerful curse placed on Allen in his childhood. In passive state, it manifests as a large crimson scar carved into his face. During its activation, his left eye changes its color to crimson, while its white turns completely black. In addition, a large monocle, shaped like a gear with a lens inside of it, manifests and begins hovering over his eye. A smaller lens of similar design accompanies it.

In this form, the curse easily detects and identifies Akuma in the radius of 300 meters, and senses their general presence even further. In addition, it detects the souls imprisoned within Akuma and forces them into the human visual spectrum, making other people capable of observing them.

Although Allen has great control over the Evil Pentacle, it isn't perfect. Because the curse has an instinctive desire to hunt Akuma, it sometimes activates when Allen is asleep or when a strong signature of Akuma power is nearby. During these times, it continuously scans the surrounding area for targets and traces of their presence. The process is experienced by Allen as his left eye throbbing harshly enough to cause pain and headache, and will only stop when the curse ensures that no enemies can be reached.

- His second ability is Crown Clown, a weapon made from Innocence. Innocence is an extremely rare material - only 109 samples are known to exist in the world - that is designed to destroy Akuma, living weapons used by the Earl of the Millennium. Although most Innocence wielders discover their compatibility and potential later in life, Allen is a rare case because he was born with Innocence planted into his body. His entire left arm is replaced by this material, while the rest of his organism is altered to accommodate it, making it nearly impossible for him to live an unrestricted life without it.

In its passive form, Crown Clown is a small cross sealed within Allen's left hand. In its activated form, this cross raises to the surface and transforms his entire arm into sleek black material capable of deflecting most convenient weapons. His fingers are replaced with five large blades that come together to form a vicious-looking claw. Aside of being extremely sharp and completely unbreakable, these claws can manifest and launch small crown-shaped projectiles. These projectiles are explosive and can punch through most convenient armor.

Aside of this standard form, Crown Clown can transform Allen's entire arm into a huge rectangular sword decorated with a cross. At first glance, this weapon's crude design makes it useless for anything beyond melee combat. In reality, it has a hidden function. When the enemy is infected by an evil presence, the sword passes through their physical body and attacks the darkness directly, exorcising it and leaving the body unharmed. However, it can also release the hidden potential within the evil and empower it, forcing one to be careful with this weapon.

In both forms, Crown Clown manifests a defensive mechanism in the form of a white cloak worn by Allen. A small silver mask is attached to the cloak, making Allen capable of disguising his face. Although its resistance to damage is low, the cloak is effectively shapeless and can restore itself from all forms of damage. In addition, it can produce thin white ribbons that can be used for grabbing onto nearby objects and people, or even raise Allen above ground. This function greatly enhances Allen's already good agility.

Because Crown Clown is a parasitic weapon, it puts additional strain onto Allen's body. Normally, Exorcists with parasitic Innocence have a severely shortened life span. It is unknown if Allen, whose body was merged with Innocence since birth, has the same problem. However, he still requires much more nutrition than a normal human being of his size. He can easily eat several times more than his weight, especially after prolonged combat.

After later developments in his life, Allen started seeing a distorted black silhouette standing behind him in mirrors and reflective surfaces. Although it demonstrates no harmful intent, he finds it very creepy and unsettling. For that reason, he is often tense and nervous when confronted with any reflective surface.
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