Allen Walker (halftonesaviour) wrote,
Allen Walker


I made a new friend during the morning assembly. Her name is Miranda Lotto. She's an university student, and a very nice person. Somehow, I feel like I met her somewhere before... But I'm not sure yet. All I know is that I promised to make this school year happy for us both. I hope everyone else in the academy manages to turn happy this year, too.

But man, these classes start too early. I can't possibly finish my breakfast that quickly.
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Well, you could always skip breakfast?

Or wake up earlier?
I don't think I'd be able to skip breakfast. It's the greatest highlight of my morning.
Oh, maybe if you had snacks in between classes! It's not quite like breakfast, but it's kind of the same?
Oh, snacks between classes sound good... But that means I'll have to keep preparing them for the day...

But then, I suspect all those classes will make me hungry, anyway.
.. tch, you sound ridiculous.
Who are you to judge?
I can judge whomever I damn well please, when they make their sappy idiocy public.
Because you're the local expert on idiots, am I right? It does take one to know one.
Che, you're a nasty little fuck, aren't you? I know an idiot when I see one, at least.
I'm sure looking into the mirror every day helped you with that.
Thank you Allen! I think you're a nice person too.

...How long does it take you to eat breakfast?
Thank you, miss Miranda.

...That depends on how much time I take to chew. I can make it in ten minutes, but... Let's just say I eat a lot.
Well, you are fifteen, aren't you? Growing boys need to eat, so it's not unusual that you need to have a big breakfast.
That's true... I exercise a lot, too, so I spend a lot of energy.

Still, breakfast is just one of those things I can't live without. I guess I'll have to cut down on morning exercise.
Of course you shouldn't go without breakfast! Missing breakfast isn't good for you - you might get sick.

You should try very hard to stay healthy, Allen!
I'll do my best, miss Miranda! I'll rework my schedule and keep up the healthy lifestyle!

At least, I promise that much.
You could always get up earlier, Mr Walker!
You think? But I already wake up at five o'clock...
W-wow, what determination to breakfast..
It's not just that... I need to do some morning exercise, wash and prepare my suit. Keeping yourself proper every morning is a lot of work.
Y-You wash your uniform every day?
Not every day, but I try to keep it clean. I don't like looking filthy and unkempt in public.
Well, who would like that?